Ahonui Healing Power Adventure Participants
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Having experienced a ten day retreat in Kauai, HI, through Wanda Simmons I felt enriched.

Through Wanda's guidance and network of people she knew I was able to have an adventure that I would take with me for a lifetime. It would become a start for more adventures to come. What I have learned was in overcoming challenges with hiking, kayaking, and climbing to find waterfalls; crossing streams and currents for the beautiful view of the island, ocean, unique beach, and/or cave; and snorkeling to explore an ecosystem within the sea. I felt connected to nature, people, the food I ate, and was able to clear my mind with relaxing on various beaches and places like Queens Bath or Secret Falls and with physical challenges.

Coming out of each adventure I felt more confident and learned how to work with others because we had a common ground, as she guided and encourage me. She also was great in that she did not take me to just the tourist areas, but I felt I lived like a local because we would go to the Farmers Market, hidden Gems, grocery and restaurants that were a good find, too!

I was able to experience sessions with a variety of healers she knew personally, which included Hawaiian Sea Salt Body Scrub at a known Sauna, Crystal Healing, Body Paint Transformation, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Lomi Lomi Massage, Toning, and more.

The network of wonderful people that I have met through Wanda, such as a Kahuna, experienced tour/hiking guide, amazing photographers, Hula instructor, a catamaran sailor, and other welcoming friends of hers. It is hard to really rate what was best of all my experience because most of my journey had each been a first, lasting, and unique moment. Many of the people I had met were refreshing because their actions and words were authentic and wholehearted.

There are so many options that can be customized for each individual. Wanda also checks in with you throughout your journey but allows for reflection and discovery throughout it all.

I wish I can articulate all that I had experienced in Kauai, HI, but you just have to be there to feel what paradise is, become in awe of how wonderful and beautiful this tropical land is, feel the energy, swim in its vast healing and azure waters, breath in the fragrant flowers and fruits, as well as so many wonderful people I have encountered.

-Jen S. – Mainland USA
Going on a retreat to Kauai really shifted something inside of me. I didn't expect to change/grow as much as I did on this journey, but it happened. The adventures were much more than I had anticipated. I didn't think climbing to the top of a mountain, which was a first for me, would impact me as much as it did. I have this new appreciation for nature. It opened up this whole other world for me, even though it was right in front of me this whole time. I was a little worried climbing up to the Secret Falls wondering how I was going to be able to get back down because parts of it were steep, but I did it and I was so proud of myself for being able to do it. With every hike I kept telling myself that I can do it, even if at times I thought I couldn't. Learning how to kayak for the first time was challenging, but I eventually got the hang of it and it was fun. I also snorkeled for the first time which was so much fun just being in the water and seeing the fish swimming around me. I had numerous firsts on this retreat, and I learned that it really doesn't matter how old you are and that trying something new for the first time can be scary, but also so rewarding when you're able to conquer your fear and just go with it. Riding on a catamaran in the ocean was also an amazing experience. Just being out in the open ocean is so freeing.

The healings were so truly amazing. I've had readings before so I kind of knew what to expect, but I definitely learned so much more about myself from these wonderful people that I am so grateful to have met on this wonderful journey. I went to Kauai to open my heart, and I believe I started that process when I was there and continue to do so. I feel so at peace with myself after being home (from) my 11 day retreat. I was really worried that when I got back to my reality that I would fall back into my daily routine and get stressed over the small things that happen to me on a daily basis, but I'm happy to say that I haven't. I don't get angry anymore at the birds that wake me up in the morning either. I started to meditate daily since I've been back because I was given the tools and techniques to help me which definitely have helped. In the past when I tried to meditate, my mind would just wander and all these thoughts would come into my head and I would get so frustrated. Now I'm happy to say that I can sit and meditate for at least 20 minutes, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the assistance from the wonderful healers that I met.

This retreat was life changing for me, and I am so grateful for my friend Wanda to have brought me on this beautiful journey. You've changed my life, and I know that you will change many more lives by bringing others on their own journey.


-Liz M. – Mainland USA

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"My first journey in Kauai has been Amazing! Though 13 days was the perfect amount for my first trip, it has not been enough. I am hooked! When Wanda and I meditated on what my journey would include, I knew I would be getting what I needed from it. I just didn't know at the time how perfect it would end up being! Sometimes my mind got stuck on the itinerary but as Wanda promised, I got so much more out of my journey by being open to allowing it to flow. I learned so much about the island from Wanda, Matt, Julee, Mark, Star, Kumu Kalena, Andre, Nish, Chris, Karena, Preston and everyone I was blessed to meet, amazing healers, master artists and wonderful new friends. Staying at a hidden, quaint b&b was great and having my own island car for the trip was so much fun because I got to fit in like a local for 2 weeks! I can't wait to go back!"

-L.L. – Delaware, USA

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Adventure Journey Participants
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“Danny is fantastic and without question turned a good hike into a great one. He was friendly and genuine, knowledgeable and generous; a great hiking guide! Our hike greatly exceeded our expectations. Great personality, good host, great cook too! We will look you up again in the future for sure! Thank you and Mahalo!!”

- Chris, New York
“The hike exceeded our expectations. Danny picked a beautiful trail that was perfect for our level of hiking expertise. He also provided a great e-mail prior to the hike that outlined everything we should prepare for (including wearing long pants, to avoid scratching ourselves up). Danny is extremely personable, and it was fun chatting with him during the hike. Danny's pacing of the hike was great - we had time to enjoy things - it didn't feel like a sprint, or a march on a short timeline. Danny's food art and sharing of his culinary skills was also a neat touch. We look forward to being repeat customers!”

- Ron & Susan, Minnesota

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“I had spent a month on Kauai not more than a year ago so I actually felt that I could do great just figuring the island out on my own.. But something in me said different at the last moment and I am so deeply thankful I listened. This time I was traveling with my beloved and we both needed to be touched in a healing and inspirational way... It was so well worth it. Thanks again Wanda for all your help and guidance.”

- R.M., Colorado, Return Visitor to Kauai

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Patient /Clients
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“Your treatments have eased the pain of my injuries which has made it easier (for me) to push harder in workouts, training, surfing and paddling!”

- Miguel Graham, Pro Surfer, Kauai
“After an unfortunate surfing crash I was left with a painful broken nose. The bones were crooked, my airway was obstructed and I was afraid my face would never look the same. Wanda's skillful yet compassionate hands were able to reset the bones in my nose and clear the airway. After the treatment I was immediately able to breathe normally and my nose was back to its original shape. I put my faith in Wanda and she came through.”

- Benjamin Diamond L.Ac., NY, NY
”The day I met Wanda Simmons my health was a disaster. I had been to numerous doctors, done many treatments, taken different medications, all to no avail. My naturopath at the time decided to have me see an acupuncturist for an evaluation. The moment Wanda walked into the room, I could feel her positive flow and I could see that her aura was filled with incredible healing capabilities. After an initial screening, Wanda told me that she could not only help me, but she could cure my ailments. None of the other doctors I had been to even came close to being so sure that they could do anything for me. Wanda Simmons has not only made me well, but she has always treated me as if she has had no other patients in her care besides me. I feel truly blessed to have found her.”

- ArleneWow

“I came to Wanda in search of some relief from the horrible sciatica that I was experiencing during my first pregnancy. Wanda was so warm and embracing and did everything she could to make sure I ended my pregnancy in comfort and with an easy mind and Spirit. We continued our relationship after my pregnancy where she helped to prepare my body for my next pregnancy. Again I was plagued with horrible back problems, Wanda used massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure and any other techniques she could think of to help ease my pain and keep me calm. Not only did she keep me calm she also helped me to have two quick and fairly easy deliveries! Wanda has also rid me of serious knee pain which had followed two knee surgeries. Anyone who works with Wanda feels her strong desire to help people, heal people and also her warm and inviting embrace she welcomes you with! “

- Jacquie Rabinowitz, Full-time Mommy of Two - Weston, CT

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Distant Healing Patients / Clients
“Wanda was my Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and martial arts instructor in CT before she spread her wings and took flight to her new home in Hawaii. I was sad to see her go, but knew in my heart that we would always stay connected. We reunited in CT in April of 2011. The timing was perfect, as I had gotten a bacterial infection that needed more than allopathic medicine could address. Wanda did some acupuncture sessions with me, and we followed up long distance a couple of months later. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that the long distance healing was going to work, or what to expect. I was in a lot of pain at the time, so I was open to trying anything. I remember the session well, especially the meditation aspect, which calmed my spirit and opened my heart to a new possibility of healing. I did not feel that we were thousands of miles apart while doing this. The experience was very empowering for me. There was a connection of spirit that helped me to release unnecessary tension and to be mindful and respectful of the teacher that my own body is. I thank Wanda for the lessons and tools she continues to pass along to me.”

- M. A., Connecticut, Mainland

“I met Wanda years ago after being referred to her by Tom Bisio. Minute one of our initial phone conversation I knew we had a connection. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. She was so helpful just on the telephone. So of course I went to check her out and became immediately addicted to one of my favorite people on the planet. She is one of my all-time favorite human beings on this Earth. She not only cares about your primary problem which in my case was a knee injury, she cares about the whole you. She listens, she heals, she's in tune with everything you say or feel, she's spiritual, she's concerned, she cares, she knows how to treat anything, she doesn't limit herself to only one type of method, she opens your mind, heart, and soul so that you are able to allow yourself to be healed. She's real, she's beautiful, and she just knows how to work the entire system in order to get to the problem or problems at hand.

Most recently I had the honor to do some long distance healing with my Wanda. I contacted her due to a second knee injury and just feeling a little all over the place which most of you can relate to. Lots going on in my life; some good, some bad. She told me that she had recently started doing long distance healing. I was immediately curious and set up an appointment for the following morning. So I called her at the appointed time not knowing what to expect. I told her I had about a 1/2 hour. She didn't really know the specifics about what was going on but knew that I needed her to do her thing. So we got started. If you paid me a million dollars in cash, I couldn't meditate for the life of me but she asked me to try to meditate or just at the very least relax and not think about much. Yeah right? Does she really know me at all? YES is the answer to that one. So after about one minute, it was happening. I completely connected with Wanda and she completely connected with me. I was able to relax instantly and I felt very peaceful, whole, and very calm. After a half hour, she called me to discuss what she felt was going on. She knew immediately that I had issues with my right knee (just had surgery a month ago), she brought up some other issues which she was right on the money with and she just really connected with me as per usual on so many levels. She asked how I was feeling after the half hour and of course I was feeling like the rock star I usually am. My right knee was no longer swollen or hurting me and once again one of my favorite people on Earth came through for me. I felt good, confident, at ease, and had some really good energy going on. I had the biggest smile on my face because it actually happened. I don't know why I was surprised. Wanda has always come through for me.

Wanda just gets it. Wanda wants to help you. Wanda will help you. Wanda is one of the most special people I know. She has a gift, a talent, a purpose, amazing resources, and it's not too shabby that now she calls Hawaii her home.

Wanda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always giving me the peace you know I love and the energy you know I need to run around like I do. Wanda, my love, I will definitely see you in Hawaii someday. Keep doing what you are doing because it is something very very special. ”

- Liat G Kabel, New York, Mainland

“The long distance healing session was amazing! Wanda is able to access all the spaces/areas within that are requiring assistance to heal, relax, recalibrate, rejuvenate and connect with the original divine blueprint allowing a new sense of comfort, relaxation, harmony and peace. She is able to connect through/in Spirit to provide the assistance that is being asked for. Mahalo for your service.”

- H. Kaneholani, Hawaii

Workshop Participants

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- Tribal Kauai Ceremony Participant, (B.G.) Kauai
“THANK YOU, Wanda and Sadaya for "awakening the heart through aloha" and for giving your gifts and inspirations today in Community Acupuncture so generously!”

- Community Acupuncture Workshop Participant, (S.G.) Kauai
“I have attended workshops taught by Wanda Simmons and those where she assisted her teacher, Tom Bisio, in both NYC and CT. Wanda’s passion and mind/body connectedness is reflected in her teaching style and passed on to her students. Wanda tunes into the needs and capabilities of each participant. This thoughtfulness and intuition makes it so easy to learn from Wanda, as I always feel comfortable with my level of ability and go home, at the end of the day, with a feeling of accomplishment.”

- Women’s Self Defense, Sport’s Medicine and Ba Gua Zhang Participant, (M.T.) CT

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“Apprenticing with Wanda was an amazing, game-changing experience for me on my path of studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Her skill and experience level is really impressive, as is her intuitive and compassionate approach. In just a short time working with her, I observed and learned so much on identifying patterns and using the traditional modalities to effectively treat patients and bring healing and relief all in real time...very inspiring for a student to experience. She is a gifted healer and teacher.”

- Kevin Menard Student, Class of 2012, Tri-State College of Acupuncture
“I had the great fortune of interning with Wanda Simmons, L.Ac while earning a degree in Acupuncture. With a background in internal martial arts, movement therapy, bodywork, Zhen GuTui Na, acupuncture, herbs and dietary medicine, Wanda is the real deal. She is a gifted hands-on healer and has a wonderful way with people. She is generous with her knowledge and is also unflaggingly supportive and encouraging. Wanda offered thoughtful and practical feedback throughout our time together and she challenged me in ways that inspired me to the next level. Wanda helped make tangible what I was learning in the classroom and clinic, and she scaffolded her teaching in a fluid way that helped me hone my strengths and discover abilities I didn’t know existed. Thank you, Wanda! I am forever grateful.”

- Britta van Dun, L.Ac.

“Wanda! Thanks so much for your help today. I wish you were going to be around longer so I could study with you - I feel like I learned so much from you in just a few minutes. Even though I avoided going back for a few weeks after china, I kept thinking about how you said that ba gua is exactly what I need. I know you're right. Thank you :)”

- Laura, Acupuncture Student
“Wanda Simmons is consistently present to those who are suffering. She makes herself available and fluidly moves through life as someone with a calling to be of service to others. She possesses compassion, skill, and great intuitive abilities whether she is practicing Acupuncture, Ba Qua, Tui Na, or teaching empowerment self defense classes to women and men. Her healing gifts are felt by all who come into contact with her. It is a blessing to know Wanda and to be treated by her, as well as to refer my clients and friends to her.”

- Christina Morrow

LMT, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist Weston, CT
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