Malama na’au. Ahonui imi e ola o ho’ a kua mana o pu’u wai.

Pay close attention to your center of knowing. Use patience in your search for healing, of divine power found within your heart.
Malama pu’u wai – Take care of your heart
Malama aina – Take care of your land
Malama ohana – Take care of your family

At Ahonui Healing Power Adventures, our philosophy begins with you. You hold the key to your own happiness, for your mind, your physical being and your soul. To journey with Ahonui Healing, is to journey with yourself, your partner, your children, and, or your ohana (family). It is a journey without limits; a journey for your soul, an investment in you. Utilizing a combination of Eastern theories, along with the magical mana (energies) and aloha (spirit) of Kauai, our goal is to help awaken your heart to all that is possible within you, whether emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Our way of helping you to achieve this is by bringing together a group collective of world-class healers, adventure guides, trainers and practitioners to assist you in reaching a higher level of consciousness.

Ahonui means patience through perseverance and this is what is necessary for one to become fully in tune with their full potential and greater calling. Kauai’s magical setting helps us to quickly realize the importance of being in tune with our land and the nature around us, for it provides all we need in which to survive and to be in harmony with not only our own being, but also with those around us. Getting back into nature, we realize the original clock we were meant to follow, that of the moon, the sun, the singing of our birds, the whispering winds, the stars, the ocean and its many currents, swells and tides. Ahonui Healing Power Adventures’ philosophy is to take time to take root in your own individual grounding, your natural calling, your own ala (awakening).

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